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Donna asks…

Cheap car insurance for new drivers?

I passed my test yesterday and want to know if anyone knows any cheap insurance companies that do 1 month cover only? as am im selling my car soon! thanks!

The Expert answers:

No can do. However, if after selling your car you buy another one almost immediately your insurers will transfer the policy to your new vehicle. If this is the case phone them to do this so that the cover transfers to suit you.

Lizzie asks…

cheap car insurance for new drivers??

does anybody know where i can get the cheapest car insurance for a Peugeot 106 1.1 im 17 and should pass my test by November, thanks.

The Expert answers:

Here there’s a few places you can get quotes from

Linda asks…

What cars have cheap insurance for new drivers?

I have only been driving since january this year, i currently own a triumph spitfire that i have been restoring for the last two years, it is in really nice condition now and want something new, the insurance was only £756 for the first year which i was very pleased about.

I want to sell my car an buy another convertible, but what cars have cheap insurance? i am looking into the the possibility of another classic or just a more modern car. all suggestions welcome.

Thank you in advance

The Expert answers:

Classic cover tends to be cheaper.
If it is a modern car then factors such as its insurance group, value, where you live, your occupation and where it is kept overnight all go together to produce the premium.

So small engine, over 5 years old, kept off road at night is best.

Michael asks…

Which car insurance has the cheapest car insurance for new teen drivers?

i just got my license and i am trying to find out which insurance company has the lowest price for car insurance for girls?

The Expert answers:

Under 18 you have to go on moms policy/to young to enter into contract

Betty asks…

New jersey car insurance do I need drivers license? I have a new york drivers license buy car insurance for Ny?

New jersey car insurance do I need drivers license?
I have a new york drivers license buy car insurance for Ny is the highest ever.My sister lives in Nj is it possible I can use his address to get cheaper Car insurance…Or do I need a new jersey drivers license as well??

The Expert answers:

You need to purchase insurance based on your permanent address. Any attempt to lie to the insurance company is called fraud.

It’s a crime to commit insurance fraud.

Carol asks…

cheap car insurance for a new 17 year old driver in philadelphia?

I have a 2000 ford taurus and pay 240 every month for insurance.. is there any cheaper insurance i can use?

The Expert answers:

What insurance do you use? Call around and ask the insurances you see on tv.
Sometimes threatening to leave to another company works and they lower the price, but don’t do that unless you have a backup plan.

James asks…

how to get car insurance cheaper for new drivers?

The Expert answers:

Cheaper than what? The only real way, and this is not a joke, is to move to another country as in the UK the fact that you are young and want to drive a car means it generally starts expensive and then just gets a lot more expensive with any additional risk like larger car, home address with high claim history etc.

Mandy asks…

What cars result in cheap insurance for young drivers?

What cars lead to new (young) drivers (aged 17/18) having lower car insurances then they would do with the Golf’s or the Civics’s. I would like to know male attracted cars.

Thanks in anticipation

The Expert answers:

Well I have a 99 Mazda Protege. I’m 17 and I only pay about 100 a month. I think the older the car the cheaper the insurance. The cost might also depend on the insurance company. I use USAA. I got discounts for having good grades and taking a driving class. Hope I helped a little but sorry if I didn’t answer your question.

Richard asks…

Are there any insurance companies who offer REALLY cheap new driver insurance?

I have my driving test (practical) booked for the 7th March 2012. I have been searching for cheap car insurance and the lowest I can find is about £7000 which I just cannot afford. Im only looking for insurance for a few months, less than a year for a few hundred pounds. Please, any suggestions greatly accepted.

Thanks 😀

The Expert answers:

Insurers charge premiums based on the risk you pose. As a new driver with no driving experience, you have no way of proving to the insurer just how safe a driver you are, but drivers with a similar risk profile to yourself have been proved to make a high volume of claims. Typically one in four new drivers will make a claim within their first year and as claims typically cost thousands of pounds, that is a big outlay for the insurer. As such, and particularly in this difficult financial climate, no insurer is going to gamble that a new driver may be a safe driver. They will charge you realistic prices bearing in mind your lack of experience.

I have been driving for nearly 30 years and it took many years of claim free driving before I got cheap insurance. I am now being rewarded for that safe driving with cheaper insurance. Why do you feel that you should be rewarded in the same way with cheap insurance when you have not got the experience I have. We all had to pay a lot when we first started. It will take time before the price comes down.

Have you tried smartbox insurance? They monitor your personal driving habits. If you are a safe driver, it will reduce your premiums. It’s a way of paying for how you personally drive rather than how new drivers in general drive. My experience is that for new drivers, it is the cheapest option available.

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